A mobile lifestyle app to connect runners with local running communities wherever they travel.


Step By Step Run is developing a mobile lifestyle app that connects runners to the local running communities from city to city, starting in San Diego. PacePartner is a mobile lifestyle app that allows runners to connect and find community with local runners wherever they travel.

Runners can:

  • find the best runs reviewed by local runners.

  • discover local races at a discount.

  • hire a vetted local run buddy to explore the city with.

The app is also a platform for runners to get paid to pace other runners in their area, like Lyft for runners!

This summer we want to gain early adopters by launching a beta version of the app in San Diego. Because PacePartner a community fueled app, it would only make sense to ask the community to raise funds at this stage of our growth!

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $35,000! To get our beta test-ready app the market, by building out the full features of the app and bringing the idea of running like a local to San Diego (and to other cities!). To learn more about our iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign, please visit this link or signup to be on our waitlist.